About me

Hello dear reader, I am Alessandra. I am an experienced designer and engineer, as well as an artist.

I live and work in Rome, I am head of a Design Studio for VIP aircraft  interiors. But this website is dedicated to my artworks!

Sometimes I create paintings, sometimes I use lost-wax to create a metal sculpture, or I hammer down pieces of silver to create jewelry-like surfaces. Every manmade creation is fascinating.

I have always painted throughout my life. I attended many courses at Central Saint Martins in London and at Alchimia in Florence, honing my skills, as well as working with sculptor Giampietro Pasqua at lost-wax metal-casting techniques. He is my uncle, in fact!

As a designer, constraints become an opportunity for the design process, but then I love how I can go back to painting where I have no boundaries, only freedom of choice and space for action! I need Art to free my spirits, and expressionism is my way.

Art to me is necessary.